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About the Fund

Mission Statement

The Dean Du Chenne Educational Trust, founded in 2012, provides financial assistance to South African students in financial need who demonstrate a desire to learn, a willingness to help others and uplift their communities, a passion for life, and love and enthusiasm for their friends.


Dean Du Chenne lived a life of pride, enthusiasm, love, dedication and passion. He was affectionately known by his friends as Dootch.

On the 23rd of July 2010, Dootch  tragically passed away after being struck by lightning whilst working on a farm in Canada. He touched so many lives during his short time on earth and his memory will live on in his friends and family’s hearts forever. Throughout his life, his love and passion for people was infectious and his desire to help those less fortunate than himself was extraordinary. He was generous with his time and whatever money he had.

In 2012, a group of his friends decided that they would like to pay tribute to their friend’s life by setting up a charity. They felt that something good could come out of their friend’s passing by attempting to match the sort of generosity that Dootch displayed throughout his life. At the same time, they wanted to create an annual event that would serve as a celebration of his life and an awesome opportunity for his friends and family to get together for a reunion.

With this in mind the Dean Du Chenne Educational Trust, The “Dootch” Fund was registered.

The Dootch Fund was launched with the inaugural Dootch Day which was held at the Dragon Peaks Mountain resort on the 28th/29th of September 2012. The event was a resounding success where over 70 of Dootch’s family and friends travelled from all over the country to have a party in memory of their friend. R32,511 was raised for the charity.

Since 2012, the trust has gone from strength to strength and has made a significant impact on a number lives, by providing funding for post-graduate studies at Rhodes University.

The Trustees

The Trustees are currently Justin Rodrigues, a Chartered Accountant, Tom Brukman, a Certified Financial Planner, and Barry Edwards, an Advocate.

Administrative / Banking Details

The Dean Du Chenne Educational Trust has been registered at the Master’s office under Trust Number 3121/2012.

The Trust is a S18A approved Public Benefit Organisation. (S18A Tax Certificates available on request.)

The bank account for the Trust is as follows:

In order for us to plan for the Trust, please can you notify us if you will be making a monthly contribution. Once off donations are also welcomed and may be kept anonymous.